intricate geometric shaped mural painted on exterior of building

Three Ideas For A Mural in Your Business

These days if you visit the businesses in the big city of Toronto you’ll see that they invest a lot of money into making their places look great. The competition in many metropolitan areas is very great and so its no surprise that restaurants, retailers, and even offices are painting elaborate things in their business to make sure they stand out in the minds of their customers and clients. A colleague of mine hired a company MuralForm to paint a custom wall mural recently and it looked great, so with this in mind here are a few great ideas for a mural in your business

Get A Logo Mural Painted

This is a no-brainer, having your logo painted in a huge massive scale on your business wall is a great idea if you are looking to impress your brand on those who happen upon your office space. If you speak with a painter they’ll likely be able to come up with some creative methods of rendering it on your wall, using specific painting tools and techniques they can paint a logo pretty much anywhere you want (yes even on the ceiling!).

cool mural of a city painted on the side of a building

Make Your Location Stand Out

Nothing is better than making your business easy to find, and having a mural painted on the side or front of you building is an excellent way of letting customers know your open for business. Now in some cities you’ll have to deal with some bylaws if you want to get a mural on the side of your building, some places do not allow self-promotional artwork without special permits. A creative painting that has to do with your services or products can be an alternative and consulting with a muralist is always advisable to discover the most ideal piece of art to showcase on your building. This idea is a fairly obvious one that many people might overlook.

wall mural custom painted inside of an office space

Paint An Elaborate Representation Of The Problem You Solve

This might be a bit more of an obscure idea, but it’s important to remember that all businesses serve the purpose of making peoples lives easier. If you sell bikes for instance, why not have a giant wall mural painted of people enjoying themselves riding the bikes you sell? This is not only a cool way to make your business stand out but also helps to show people what they can expect from your service. You could have a mural painted of food, vacations, successful businesses, people using tools, even people painting, the list goes on. Consult with a mural artist is a great step forward in this direction.

One reason I think more businesses don’t have had a mural painted inside or outside of their building is cost. I’ve done a bit of research and for some the cost may seem prohibitive, I think the return on your investment in terms of branding and marketing is quite well worth the effort if you are in a saturated market. At the very least you can work out a deal with your local mural company to see if they are willing to work with you in terms of rendering a simpler mural, reducing their workload and allowing you to still get a cool wall mural in the end.